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Since 1928, Slade Gorton has been on a mission to bring safe and sustainable seafood from around the world to America’s table. ​We are passionate about finding innovative and profitable solutions to help our customers navigate today’s complex marketplace.

Good For You. Good For The Planet.®

We are an importer, distributor and processor of over 800 premium seafood products. We deliver confidence, source with agility, maintain sustainable vertical integration, and we make seafood simple.

Seafood is a wonder, and how it gets from the depths of the world’s oceans to our table is a complex and exciting tale. Through old trades and new technologies, managing this process is what we do best. In addition to our partner’s Icelandic fishing fleet, state-of-the-art processing plants and vertically integrated land-based aquaculture operations, our extended global supply network spans nearly 50 countries and over 100 commercial seafood species.

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